Capture geo-info easily through your mobile or tablet

Input is free and open source app designed to streamline the whole process behind geo-surveys.

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Takes out the pain of field data synchronization

Intuitive and easy

Input can be used by anyone to capture field data in an uncomplicated way and without training

Smart data transfer

Sync data to/from devices without cables. Automatically and safely merge data from multiple surveyors

Based on QGIS

Open Input projects in QGIS for easy access to your data. Open source and extensible


Input aims to remove the pain of transcribing paper field notes, manually georeferencing photos and transcribing GPS coordinates.

capture points Capture points, lines or areas
map View your data and location on the map
geotagging Take geotagged photos
collaborate Effortlessly share data and collaborate with others
work offline Works offline
accessibility Accessible software that runs on existing hardware

Take your QGIS projects with you into the field today!

Built-in technology for collaborative working

Mergin is the core component of our product suite. It's a collaborative space allowing you to store and synchronise projects across multiple mobile and desktop clients. Input can also be integrated with Mappin to publish projects via web mapping.

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Developed by Lutra Consulting

We're a GIS consulting company with more than ten years of experience in open source GIS. Lutra Consulting forms part of the QGIS core development team.

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